Thursday, July 15, 2010

your favorite pre-teen mystery novel

I present to you my first piece for the Teeny Tiny Art Show VII at Three Graces, coming this September.
I have loved the covers and titles of Nancy Drew novels for a long time. Beautiful adjectives paired with beautiful nouns, alluding to colors, secrets, and that exciting jittery feeling you get when you have adventures with your friends.
So I decided to make a series of such covers with my own imaginary heroines, starting with "Scarlet Birch and the Case of the Red Fox Journals."
(8x10", watercolor and acrylic on coffee-stained paper)
Lots of love,


cArLa said...

you come up with the most delightful ideas! i used to read lots of nancy drew... i love your book cover painting!

Amanda Atkins said...

awww, thank you, Carla! :)
What was your favorite Nancy Drew book?

lindsey said...

this makes me feel nostalgic. growing up, i devoured the nancy drew books. and then when my daughter was little, i read them out loud to her! i always wanted a housekeeper like hannah and friends just like bess and george. my favorites - "the clue in the diary" and "the secret of the old clock." loving your cover.


Amanda Atkins said...

thank you, lindsey! I'll definitely have to read those. The only one I own is the one about the lady on the wooden ship.

Three Graces said...

LOVE IT! nancy drew is near and dear to my pre-teen heart:)