Thursday, April 30, 2009

pink elephants and yellow birds

Hi everyone! Here is a small update in photos:
I have a new love for pink elephants. I've been thinking about them for several months now. So when I saw one at Fairground Antiques for $4 that was hand sculpted and painted by someone, I had to take it home. :) 
On my night stand is the new book I'm reading: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. It's so good! I'm almost done with it already. With summer approaching, I'm more drawn to girly, happy books. I once read that August is the month to be 13 again and read trashy novels. I like that theory! Not that this is by any means a trashy novel, but it's lighter than what I've been reading lately and I'm happy about that. After The Lover and My Darling From the Lions, I need a break from things that are on the heart-breaking end of the book spectrum.
I got this necklace for $5 at Forever 21. I love it! I wore it for the first time yesterday for subbing at the kindergarten, and it was well received by all the 6 year olds. I thought that it would be. :)
I've been fixing my room up again, making it hard to paint lately. But everything is almost done and I'm hoping to have a piece finished to scan on Monday.
I hope you all enjoy your weekends!
P.S. - can't wait.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

where swallows fly, you know where I'll be.

A tribute to Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club's new album, "The Beautiful Untrue," set to its first single, "Back to Before," made by their friend Conor McGuinness. I think it came out so beautiful and I'm still so honored my painting was such a part of all of this.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Antiques and ITunes

Hey everybody!
Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club's new album "The Beautiful Untrue" can officially be bought on ITunes as of today!! Yay!
Today my  mom and I went to Fairground Antiques in Keene, New Hampshire. I love that place so much. There's very little junk and very many beautiful and well-priced things. I wanted this painting so much. I try to make outfits that look like summer nights (fireflies, dark yet bright blue skies, grass that glows in the moonlight) and this painting is everything I love about all of that.
Pretty bird tea set.
I also wanted this ship brooch. :)
A seriously carved dinosaur.
I love rubber toys! Especially when they're dogs!
floral turtle.
awww, someone's cats. <3
bottle candy
plastic animals that sit on your straw!
a lovingly handmade pooh bear.
I liked this fan.
We had this exact cow when I was little! I called him Bossy and I think he was supposed to be a decoration but I played with him all the time.
Toy camera. It makes me sad to think of what "pictures" were taken with this that cease to exist because it is just a toy. I'm in favor of kids having real cameras.
Happy girl.
I got this dress at Viviana's Vintage in Clinton, MA the other day! It has six buttons (two rows of three) going up the waist. I love it.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend! More art to come soon.