Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The first book I ever illustrated?

Today I subbed at the kindergarten for the teacher I had when I was there!
With the help of my mom, I had made this book for my teacher, Mrs. Waugh, to give her on the last day of school. She had it out on the counter for me to find today! Some of the drawings are full of strange and mysterious happenings, while others are more straightforward. 
"When I first started kindergarten, Mrs. Waugh TOOK MY picture."
"My favorite holiday that we celebrated at school was HALOWEEN."
"The most important thing I learned in Mrs. Waugh's class was MY LETTERS."
"The funniest thing that ever happened in our classroom was when SANTU SAT ON MY LAP"
(It seems like it should be 'I sat on Santa's lap', but I don't think that would have been the funniest moment, so Santa must have sat on my lap.)
"My favorite subject in school was when we studied DiNOSORS."
"My favorite art project with Mrs. Gerwick was when we made OWLS."
"The best book Mrs. Waugh ever read to our class was THE 3 BILLY GOATS GRUFF."
"My favorite thing about snack time was TALKING AND EATING."
(is that a spider?)
"The best new friends I made in school this year are NICOLE, PATRICK, AND CHARLES."
(I put this on facebook and I tagged them. :)
"My favorite game we played in gym was SHARK."
"I especially liked when Mrs. Waugh would let us PLAY."
"My favorite classroom visitor was THE VET."
"The best book I checked out of the library was DABBLE THE DUK."
(I don't remember this book...at all.)
"Our best classroom pets are the geRBiLs. They are very cute."
(Their names were Sarah and Tiffany. I picked the name Tiffany. I got to bring them home for the summer.)
"My favorite song I learned in kindergarten was FRIENDS."
(Mom: how did that song go?
Amanda: I have no idea.)
"My favorite thing to do in Mrs. Waugh's class is READ ATTENDANCE." 
"The reason(s) I loved having Mrs. Waugh as my teacher are SHE WAS NICE."
"The thing I'll miss most about kindergarten is MRS. WAUGH."
Haha. Oh boy. Sometimes I wish I still drew like I did when I was little. It looks so free and from the subconscious, I think. But I'm glad I never stopped loving drawing. And I really have been loving substitute teaching for kindergarten and elementary school so much. I really think teaching art to little kids might be something I want to do.
I traded a print for this dress. I love it so much. It is my Nancy Drew-detective dress and it's vintage Sears. :)  I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I feel back in the swing of the blog again. I hope you're all having a great week!

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A Painted Journey said...

I loved looking through your first book... what memories it brought back! And your "new" (vintage) dress is awesome!!!...