Thursday, April 16, 2009

The most romantic thing I've ever seen.

He drew a crown on paper, added crayon jewels. He cut it out and asked me to tape it together. I did as he asked and returned it to him. I did not know the destination of this symbol of royalty, hint of you are better than the rest.
He walked over to her and placed it on her head. She was unsuspecting. The transaction was silent with the exception of their smiles, one following the other as though smiling were a game.  Her pigtails were too high and the crown didn't sit right.
He took it back to his desk and cut two small triangles on either side, one for each pigtail, so that the crown would rest properly. A matching bracelet was drawn and taped.
He brought both crown and bracelet back to her and put them on her head and wrist. Still no words were spoken. They kind of laughed to themselves, together, and he returned to his table and she sat back down at hers.
It is one of the most romantic things I've ever seen.
I love subbing first graders. 


WoolenSails said...

That is so sweet. Kids can make us see and enjoy life in a way we forget when we are older. Do I see a new creation in the making?


Amanda Atkins said...

It's true! Being around kids just makes me stop and appreciate what's happening right then and there instead of worrying or thinking so much. And they definitely inspire me, especially when I get to teach art classes.

Julia Denos said...

I love this little story so much!

A Painted Journey said...

You have the ability to see, absorb, and put beautifully into words what so many of us (me included, sometimes) miss by rushing through life so quickly. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and really enjoy the simple things in life!