Thursday, April 30, 2009

pink elephants and yellow birds

Hi everyone! Here is a small update in photos:
I have a new love for pink elephants. I've been thinking about them for several months now. So when I saw one at Fairground Antiques for $4 that was hand sculpted and painted by someone, I had to take it home. :) 
On my night stand is the new book I'm reading: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. It's so good! I'm almost done with it already. With summer approaching, I'm more drawn to girly, happy books. I once read that August is the month to be 13 again and read trashy novels. I like that theory! Not that this is by any means a trashy novel, but it's lighter than what I've been reading lately and I'm happy about that. After The Lover and My Darling From the Lions, I need a break from things that are on the heart-breaking end of the book spectrum.
I got this necklace for $5 at Forever 21. I love it! I wore it for the first time yesterday for subbing at the kindergarten, and it was well received by all the 6 year olds. I thought that it would be. :)
I've been fixing my room up again, making it hard to paint lately. But everything is almost done and I'm hoping to have a piece finished to scan on Monday.
I hope you all enjoy your weekends!
P.S. - can't wait.


Julia Denos said...

If you want a girly light-hearted story, check out my fave "Lucia Lucia" or any other novel by Adriana Trigiani. Her stories are delightful and quaint, (Lucia is set in Greenwich Village in the 40's-50's) she always weaves love stories into large Italian family dramas, and there is always an element of past and present, and fashion/couture somehow all wrapped up into one yummy book. There is a bit of tragedy in Lucia Lucia, but it turns out so sweetly in the end. I cried! Highly recommend her for light summer reading.

Amanda Atkins said...

thank you, Julia! That sounds like something I'd really like!

AnniKae said...

I love the bird necklace...I think I need one too!

Amanda Atkins said...

you should get one!!