Tuesday, August 10, 2010

notes from backyard at home

-watercolors circa 1940
-the mary statue in our backyard
-sweeping the deck of peanut shells with Grampa
-water stained handwriting
-waiting for autumn as patiently as I can
-squirrels in bird houses
-"I want to feel like a bird in a bird bath."
-the way this feels like back to school time
-hummingbird touching, she is long and elegant
-tree canopy
-window boxes adorning storage sheds
-newly gessoed masonite
-light reflections
-pools of water on canvas
-mockingbirds yelling at the cat in the yard
-the familiar ache for something spectacular to read
-the need for a song that fits this feeling
-leaves rustle, dog barking
-tall clumps of lilac, white with age now
-Sammies eating remaining peanuts
-our old tree house
-the time my sister and I saw the white hawk in the woods, on a branch at eye level


rachel_jackson said...

your backyard is magical

lindsey said...

loving your backyard notes - especially the water stained handwriting. and longing for fall as well!