Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Textile Museum: Saint Gallen, Switzerland

The morning I landed in Switzerland, I took the train from the Zurich airport to St. Gallen where I'd later be meeting Eleanor to head into Gais. I had a lot of time to kill, and found an amazing textile museum. Its hot pink screen-printed brochure of religious iconography caught my eye in a tourist info stop, and I made my way from there.
Museums comfort me while traveling. They are the link to home, the link to one of my favorite past times: being able to wander quietly, looking at interesting things; the time and space to think.
The textile museum has bright green walls, fabrics you can touch, a library of books (ancient and new). The current show was amazing: the textiles of the Catholic church, with pieces dating way back. They also had a screening room where you could watch the fashion show from Fellini's Roma. I sat there and watched it a few times over. 
It was the perfect way to spend my first afternoon in Switzerland.
I hope you all had a lovely week!
xo, Amanda

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A Painted Journey said...

What a FUN first day! Great photos, honey!... Love, Mommy