Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Can I take out my notebook?"

One of my students has a brown leather folio that contains a writing pad, a stack of Hello Kitty post-its, and a folder to hold loose papers. She takes it out at the end of every day and hides in the corner with it. At first it was something she liked to keep secret, but lately she has been asking me earlier in the day if she can "take out her notebook" and use it at the drawing table. I like that she calls it a notebook, because it's not a notebook in the traditional sense, but it embodies a notebook in the definitive sense: one place where she keeps everything important, everything she writes and draws.
It reminds me of my own "notebook." Over the years, the places where I write and the places where I draw have merged into one blank book that lives in my bag and goes everywhere with me.
So, at the drawing table, I have begun to take out my notebook as well, and together we draw and write things. I make art with the children every day, but doing it in my own personal sketchbook has been a really fun exercise.
 I hope you're all having a beautiful week!
Back soon with more stuff.
xo, Amanda
p.s. - printable directions for the fox puppet in the post below :)


Ivy Black said...

How absolutely wonderful. I adore notebooks and sketchbooks. I encourage my young students to keep them and some really take to the habit. Personally I can't go anywhere without both a notebook to write in and a sketchbook to draw in. I always love to see your sketchbooks.
xxx said...

Sweetest little post ever! Your kids are lucky to have you! And how fun is a fox puppet??

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Thank you, Ivy and Julia!! Kids are seriously the best inspiration in the world.