Tuesday, December 25, 2012

geese on the wall

While home for the holidays, I found some beautiful old family photos of my Nana, Grampa, mom, and aunt in the 1950s.
Since mid-century aesthetics are the biggest inspiration behind my paintings, these photos are special to me on a number of levels. The objects, patterns, and clothing in these photos speak volumes to me about my Nana. At the same time, they fill me with ideas for new paintings that touch on my personal artistic intentions as well as my heritage, which I find to be responsible for my creative work to begin with.
My great aunt and my Nana
 my aunt, Nana, and mom
 My Nana (left) with some friends
 My mom and aunt :)
 My mom playing piano with a friend
 My Nana and Grampa
 My mom, Nana, and aunt
 My Nana's high school portrait
 My Nana and mom (left) with friends
 Nana and friends
 Nana (left) and friends
 Nana and Mom
 Nana and Grampa (right) on their wedding day
Mom and Nana's mother 
I hope you have all had the most wonderful holiday season! We woke up to snow this morning after such a snowless month. It was a wonderful Christmas.
Happy New Year to you all and see you soon!


Valerie said...

Great images! One can see the influence on your work. Love them all:)

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Aw, thank you, Valerie! I'm a fan of your work, by the way :)

Kitty said...

Dear Friend,
These photographs are priceless. Your Mommy is the cutest little girl.

Holly Hall said...

Beautiful family treasures, for sure.