Friday, February 13, 2015

the elephant valentines

As you've perhaps noticed over the years, I like to commemorate Valentine's Day on this blog by sharing what I call "the elephant valentines."
The Elephant Valentines were hand-painted (or sometimes hand-crayoned) valentines created by e. e. cummings for his wife, Marion Morehouse.
There is so much to love about these valentines: the ever-present elephant, who seems, to me, to be a symbol of friendship, loyalty, playfulness, and gentleness; the beautiful, painterly, made-by-hand, labor of love quality; the simplicity and the tradition.
Valentine's Day will forever for me be an elephant holiday, thanks to e. e. cummings. 
I hope that you all have a beautiful February 14th, no matter how you celebrate!
Love, Amanda

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