Thursday, September 17, 2009

And she came home with me.

I'm so excited to show you what I bought at Fairground Antiques yesterday...
This insanely gorgeous (and enormous) portrait of a woman and cat painted in 1959!
When I saw this painting, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw that it was only $25, I think I was in shock.
I wonder who she is. Is she still living in a mansion somewhere? Did she commission this portrait herself, or did the artist choose her for their subject? Was she made up in the mind of the artist like the ladies that I paint? (I hope not, it's oddly comforting to think that she was real.) What was the name of her cat? I wonder if the frame was always this metallic lavender, or if someone altered it at some point in time.
My dad and I both thought of Elizabeth Taylor as soon as we saw her.
The back is covered in this shiny cattail wallpaper.
The painting is signed in the upper-right corner. The signature seems to read "Sohter Robintson" (or maybe Robertson? It's hard to read), and is dated 59. My mom did some research on the name but couldn't find anything. This is a long shot, but if anyone recognizes this signature, this woman, this painting, or anything about it, I'd love to hear what you know!
When we headed for Fairground yesterday, I was hoping that this painting would still be there:
Sadly, it wasn't. When I saw it back in May, I thought "I'd love to have that if I had an apartment and lots of wall space," but at the time I didn't, and so I left it behind. I think it all worked out though, and I ended up with a painting I am definitely meant to have!
I hope you all have a wonderful end to your work/school week!!


WoolenSails said...

that is a good question, the name is not familiar to me. The picture reminds me of a kennedy portrait. I would assume if it was someone famous, the price would have been a lot higher;)

I love finding unknown artists, it is the subject and me liking it that matters. Years ago we went to our local art show in Wickford. I wanted to buy something and was poor, so we got a 10 dollar painting from some guy. It is a scene with a river.


Sher said...

Such great finds! The lady in the painting is so beautiful, and yes it does remind me of Elizabeth Taylor too:)

Gertie said...

How charming! Makes me wish for a portrait of myself holding my beloved cat, Henry Higgins.

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, I just love that portrait.
-Andi x

A Painted Journey said...

You feel free to leave this beauty here at home (rather than taking it to your apartment) for as LONG as you want :) You have to admit, it does look GOOD in the living room!! ha ha... Love, Mumsy

dy said...

that is an awesome painting. lucky find!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful -- a lovely find!

Beth said...

What a great buy!
All these photos are lovely, especially that beautiful woman and her cat!

Kirsty said...

What a truely lovely picture! :)

~ Kirsty x

Kristen said...

What an amazing score!! I love buying vintage portraits. I'm still kicking myself for passing up a beautiful canvas painting of a woman on the beach. By the time I went back to buy it{because I couldn't stop thinking about it}it was gone, my stomach still turns when I think about it :(

I also have to tell you how much I LOVE your work...I love browsing through your Etsy shop. I look forward to adding one of your prints to my wall someday :)