Wednesday, September 23, 2009

to be canary-throated

Here are the pieces I did for the Teeny Tiny Art Show V at Three Graces Gallery:
the ruby-throated pilot
the golden-throated warbler
the raven-throated poet
the cobalt-throated artist
the emerald-throated botanist
I came up with the idea for these paintings over a year ago. I love collars and things you can wear on your neck (I have since I was little, I thought turtlenecks were so dashing!). I was thinking about birds and how they are so often identified by the colors of their throats (i.e. the ruby throated hummingbird), and thought it would be so beautiful if women could be described by the colors of their throats. And, like birds, they'd need to be specific types of women, and so I attributed colored collars to what I think are lovely professions (some of which I wish I could do). 
So these paintings are for sale at Three Graces until September 28th! All the paintings are 5x7", acrylic on masonite in white wooden frames. I hope you're all having an excellent week!! The weather's been a little hot here, but I think fall weather is coming back soon. :)


Madison. said...

wow I especially love the 3rd one [raven throated poet]!

Also, thanks for all your links, I really like the first one... Hmm, might have to get it!!

I'm going London on Saturday so will look there too -thanks for the help :)

Amanda Atkins said...

Thank you Madison!
And good luck with finding the perfect dress. :)

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

This is a fantastic collection (LOVE the theme). By the way, I saw Neko live in this amazing old theatre this past summer. You're right she sounds incredible live. Have a great time at the concert! xoxo

Amanda Atkins said...

Thank you! What theater did you see her in? Was it in Canada?

trishiekoh said...

These look great, I esp love how they look together on the wall.

Andi B. Goode said...

These are beautiful. I love the first one, especially.
-Andi x

Amanda Atkins said...

thank you so much, Trish and Andi :)

Angela said...

These are amazing! I am in love with the ruby throated pilot. What a great concept!

Velo said...

i loveee this picture... great and awesome. ;)

Hannah said...

So lovely, especially the emerald-throated botanist, that's my favourite.

WoolenSails said...

My favorite is the botanist, I actually majored in science. I hate things on my neck, makes me feel like I am choking.