Monday, December 14, 2009

and white rabbits

"on finding you (gentle: this thumping, reckless momentum)"
acrylic on masonite, 8x10"
She wrote in her notebook: finding you was no less difficult than finding one black rabbit in a sea of one thousand white hares.


A Painted Journey said...

Oh my gosh - she's elegant - I love her, and the books/journals she's holding, the background, the colors you chose... I love it all!... Mumsy

WoolenSails said...

I love the soft look with the colors and theme.
I would love to see one with a quilter and cats like that;)


Amanda Atkins said...

thanks, mom and debbie! :)

Anonymous said...

i love this print. i'm very much into cute rabbits lately. i'm going to buy this right now.

Ancarol said...

wonderful collection i love it : )

Amanda Atkins said...

hahah, thank you Katrina!!!
And thank you Ancarol!!! :)

Parker said...

This is such a beautiful print. Katrina from Pugsly Feet gave me the heads up. I've been saving my pennies for your print, The Demise of the Fist Poet I Ever Fell Prey To. I adore it. I'll own it soon enough and I can't wait. Thank you for putting out such inspirational work.

Fritzi Marie