Thursday, February 25, 2010

the art of the end

Etsy mentioned this flickr set in their newsletter last week, and I fell in love with it.
It's all beautiful screenshots of "the end" from old films. I just thought they were really beautiful and wanted to share them with you. I wish movies these days had the dramatic curtains-closing feel that old movies had at their finish.
It is very windy and rainy here and I plan on reading in bed and then not leaving my apartment at all tomorrow. I hope to get a lot done!! Have a great Friday/weekend. :)


Parker said...

Dear Amanda,

I wish that too.

Also, thank you times 100 for the lovely package. It meant so much to me. Really, I was so touched.

love love,

Linda Pochinda said...

That's so cool. Thanks for sharing. I really love old movies too. They got their own charm. (:

Linda Pochinda said...

wow. thanks for sharing. I love old movies too, they really got their own charm.

A Painted Journey said...

What a fantastic topic to post about - and what beautiful images you selected! Love them!!! Nana would have loved this post - she loved old movies!... Love Mumsy

Amanda Atkins said...

Kat, I'm so glad you loved the package. :)
Hi, Linda!!!
And thanks, mom. :)

vinny and vernelle said...

awesome post!