Monday, February 1, 2010

Lilliana and her Leopards (velveteen bows)

On Sunday, my mom and I drove my pieces for the Teeny Tiny Art Show VI up to Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. This giant whale mural is behind The Friendly Toast, which is where we ate lunch!
In the gallery: two of my pieces that will be in the show (I'll post them later this week), and in the background (bottom left) some of my left over pieces from the Tiny Show V back in September, which will be for sale again in the upcoming show.
Mom and I at friendly toast. :)
This is the bow I'm wearing on my collar in the picture above! It's from the lovely Jessie of Vinny and Vernelle. She's so sweet and purchased one of my Haiti relief prints, and after talking, we decided to do an additional etsy shop trade.
The pin came packaged so beautifully! I love it and can't wait to wear it again.
I also love the photographs  she uses in her etsy listings. They're gorgeous!
I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Parker said...

What a lovely day.
That bow is adorable.
My husband hates bows but I may just need to get one of those anyhow. He can handle it, don't you think?

love love love,


Amanda Atkins said...

i think these are very debonaire bows! (feminine but not too girly at all) and you would look great in one!

A Painted Journey said...

Love this post honey!! Such a fun day :) And I love the collar bow that you are wearing!

I also love Jessie's photos that you posted - is that her in them? She's so pretty! She looks like she stepped right out of the fifties!... Love, Mumsy

Anonymous said...

wearing that bow tie can transform a t-shirt into evening wear. i love the color you chose. thanks for the recommendation -- i just faved her shop.

can't wait to see more pics of your 2 pieces at the show.

madeleine said...

Your bow is so swish - and that mural! Whales are wonderful - they're these big dangerous creatures who eat loads of tiny tiny things and sing songs to each other. My kind of people.


Amanda Atkins said...

thanks everyone!
mumsy, that is actually a model, but she is another artist!

madeleine, I love your discription of whales. :) especially the song singing part.

katrina, I'm glad you love jessie's pieces! I do think she's right up your alley. :)

rachel_jackson said...

so excited for friday!! i love the bow too!

ETCIllustration said...

Are those the green gloves we got you for your birthday?? They look lovely on you :)

It was fun to run into you at the Toast! See you Friday!

WoolenSails said...

What a fun day, out with your mom and getting ready for the show. Love your bow pin, very nice piece and the photos she takes are wonderful.


vinny and vernelle said...

thanks amanda! you are an absolute doll with such incredible talent!

Amanda Atkins said...

ellen, yes those are the gloves! i LOVE them and wear them all the time!

rachel, i can't wait for friday either, yayyy!

Jessie, thanks so much for the bow! I really do love it. :)

thanks debbie! and yes, the vinny and vernelle shop has beautiful photos.

Angela said...

I love that bow pin! So cute! That could totally make a t-shirt and skirt combo look amazing!