Tuesday, October 12, 2010

winter markets and blue trains

Ellen, Kate, and I loved doing MICE so much that we got a table at Mass Art's Mass Market 7. It's Sunday, December 12th, from 11-5 pm in the Mass Art gym. I can't wait!
Also, Kate is having a show of her work at Cafe Japonaise on Commonwealth Ave. The opening is Monday November 1st from 6-8 pm.
I really love being in shows with my friends and seeing them have their own shows.
I remember the first after-college group show I did that didn't have any of my friends in it - it made me realize that the sharing of the excitement with friends is really what makes these things fun. A little boy who came into the store today made me this train drawing. He even asked what my favorite color was and made the train blue! It kind of made my whole day.
I hope you're all enjoying the autumn! New painting soon.


A Painted Journey said...

Oh, I just love that the little boy made you a special drawing - and I love even more that you treasure it!

Yeah for you and Kate and Ellen doing the show together - FUN!!! And yeah for Kate's show!

Love, Mummy

Kate said...

Thanks lady! Show are always exciting when you have wonderful people to share them with!