Wednesday, October 13, 2010

photos from mice

Twenty days later, some pictures from MICE:
Me, Kate, and Barbara with our table.
I love how "us" our little sections were. :)
I decided to make a bunting garland, since so many of my paintings are inspired by old fashioned circuses.
Val with her monster pins!
Devin! I love that shopping cart.
The famous Ellen, whose art also happened to be on the cover of Boston Comics Roundtable's current Inbound anthology, which was for sale at the BCR table next to Kate and I.
Me, Kate, Babs, and Val.
I wish I had gotten more pictures of the crowds and all the people in attendance, but I was glued to my table for the day.
It was such a wonderful time. I miss AIB and love going back for things like this.


ETCIllustration said...

Oh, Amanda--you're such a flatterer!

Yay for MICE, and yay for Mass Market! Let this be the beginning of many art fairs for the three of us.

Sabrina said...

Oh how fun! Love how everything was set up :)