Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the stars and the moon post card pack

"The stars and the moon" post card pack is now available here in the shop!
It comes with 6 post cards: 2 each of "the waxing and waning of you," "the benefits of shakespeare," and "remember me remarkable," each one showcasing the stars and the moon in a different way.
each post card measures 4x6" so they're perfect for framing!
I had a lot of fun doing the packaging for these and chose silver labels.
I hope you're all having a beautiful week!
Also, The Bazaar Bizarre Boston is THIS upcoming Sunday! I am so excited! These post cards will be there along with handmade ornaments, original drawings, 8x10 prints, paper dolls, mini prints, silk-screened tote bags, and the holiday post card pack! I'm so excited! I'm sharing a table with my amazing friend Valerie Arruda. We hope to see you there!
xoxo, Amanda


A Painted Journey said...

Yeah!! Those are gorgeous!! Can't wait for the show this Sunday! Love, Mommy

Jill said...

Love those stars and moon postcards!
A little bird told me it was your birthday so I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday. May all your wishes come true!

Kitty said...

Beautiful Amanda,

These are beautiful! Happy Birthday sweet friend. Here's to a year filled with magic and wishes come true.

I adore you,

Kelly said...

Heard today's your birthday--hope it's a great one! Love the new cards.

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

awww, thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone!! xoxo

Marty said...

Visiting via Fritzi Marie! I'd actually seen your art before on Etsy and had already favorited it--sooo lovely! Hope you have a beautiful birthday :)

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Thank you, Marty!!

Naomi said...

happy birthday. what a wonderful artist!