Thursday, June 14, 2012

the summer of art & writing

Happy Almost-Summer! Tomorrow is the last day of school. I have to admit, this year has been an interesting challenge. Before teaching at the elementary school, I was working retail a few days a week and taught the occasional class at AIB or places like the BCAE. There was so much time to build and nurture my art career. 
Though it's been hard to maintain my art while teaching Monday through Friday (and still working retail a couple of mornings a week), I don't think I could ever have received a greater gift in my life than this job with the kids. 
The kids literally fill my heart with joy (I know that sounds so cheesy and cliche, but it's completely true!), and I also have the most amazing co-workers and fellow teachers. Everyone I've met this past year has enriched my life in so many ways. I've changed so much for the better, all from this one job.
However, I am really, really excited to have a summer to focus on my art. I have so many projects in my mind, and, in a few months, my second solo show at Three Graces Gallery. It's funny how this summer of working retail a few days a week will feel like a vacation when that's all that I used to do for work besides my art! It's going to feel like returning to a part of myself that's been lying dormant for a while. Thanks to teaching, I've really learned how to make the most out of my entire day - I hope to bring that productivity to my personal work this summer.
So in just a week or so, this blog will probably be more akin to what it used to be. I apologize for the craziness and lack of art this year. Thank you for sticking around!
All my love,

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A Painted Journey said...

I absolutely loved this post as well, my little city mouse. I love you... Mommy