Thursday, September 20, 2012

let's talk about Mary Blair.

Mary Blair as drawn by J.P. Miller.
It's almost the opening of the show, which means I'm painting like crazy. The last time I had a show at Three Graces, I remember, in the final stretch of painting, thinking a lot of Mary Blair.
Her color palettes, which contained so many different colors without losing any sense of harmony or order, and the whimsical and comforting feeling that lives in each of her paintings are such great inspiration for me.
I have always declared her my Patron Saint of Illustrators.
I love this drawing of her by J.P. Miller. There's something really special about one artist drawing another; It always seems to be a perfect combination of the actual artist's style and the style of the artist he/she is rendering.
I hope you're all having a beautiful September! More work soon.
xo, Amanda

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