Thursday, October 18, 2007

"He played the piano like fireworks. He talked that way, too."

That is how a friend of e.e.cummings described him to the world. I am currently reading his biography and thinking about the power point presentation I have to make. I definitely want to include his art and give a good show of his personality. I have a new painting! Image Hosted by
It is part of an ongoing series. There are some other new things but no decent pictures of them at the moment. The Regina Spektor concert was amazing. There are barely words to describe how beautiful and incredible she is. Her voice is even more stunning in person than on her records, and watching her play the piano was thrilling. I was in the 8th row, and it was held in the orpheum which is a lovely place to be anyway. She gave an amazing encore which included Fidelity, Hotel Song (accompanied by the opening act who beat sweet), Samson, and Lennon's Real Love. I left feeling so ready to tackle all the art that was awaiting me. Also in the news, I had a short stint as a pregnant woman last weekend: Image Hosted by
A long story lies behind this polaroid. That's all for now! I hope everyone else is having a happy and creative fall. Love, Amanda

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jessilynn said...

I LOVE Regina Spector's music!