Monday, October 29, 2007

my heart beats like bird wings.

Today, Sara Varon spoke to our senior studio class. She's written and illustrated Sweater Weather, Chicken and Cat, and Robot Dreams. Image Hosted by
She was so refreshing! I think we tend to forget that being an artist/illustrator/photographer/etc. is supposed to be fun. She is so laid back and upbeat about her career. "Enjoy your life," as she put it. She gave us lots of great promo sites, advice, and insight. It was a really inspiring morning. After class, I got to talk with her and show her my sketchbook, and she gave me lots of helpful advice on markets for my work and how to get my sketchbook-style stuff out there in addition to my paintings. Speaking of paintings, I will have two to show you tomorrow/wednesday-ish. See you then! <3 Amanda

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