Monday, November 12, 2007

fort bandit, elephant love.

I am finding interesting things that I did not know before in my research of e.e.cummings for tuesday's presentation. Did you know that he and T.S.Eliot competed for the heart of their leading lady when they starred in "The Little Minister" in 1910? On opening night, Eliot brought her a bouquet of roses. Cummings, however, wrote her a poem and won her heart. This is a beautiful valentine (which I have always loved) that he painted in his later years for his wife Marion Morehouse: Image Hosted by
I also built a fort today! Kelly Burgess, a junior photo major at AIB, is having people build forts which she then photographs them in. Emily was excited because my fort looked like my paintings (stage set-ish). Image Hosted by
I have been trying and failing at going to bed early. Now I am honestly off to bed. More actual paintings soon!! <3 Amanda


kelly said...

yessss. i am glad you helped!! thank you

Amanda Atkins said...

you're welcome!!!

Kate said...

I love it!
It is so you!

Amanda Atkins said...