Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas time is here!

hello, everyone! I've been spending much time listening to Charlie Brown Crhistmas music and admiring my pretty silver tree. Aside from the fall, this is my favorite time of year. Or perhaps the feeling is my favorite. Either way, it is nice. Image Hosted by
That's the new Venus Zine (you can get it at Borders and other stores that carry a good variety of magazines). It's the best issue yet! They named the winners of their yearly Best DIY Business award, and two of my favorite artists got first and second place! The Black Apple and BoyGirlParty are numbers one an two. There's also a great photo shoot with Dita Von Teese and a ton of vintage-y dresses, interviews with Jason Schwartzman and Miranda July, and a profile on author Samantha Hunt, who I'd never heard of before but now am dying to read. And of course there are cute projects in the back involving vintage sewing patterns, plaster deer busts, and rings made out of resin. On this cozy magazine-reading day, the sky was a looming almost-purple. Lovely! Image Hosted by
I also "finished" a new painting tuesday night. Or rather, the wee hours of wednesday morning. I think she needs more work and I plan to go back into her. None the less, here she is so far - my John Currin-inspired Mushroom Girl! Image Hosted by
She's a little washed out. Tomorrow morning I'm heading into school to get decent scans of everything I've done this semester. Perhaps I'll do a post with some of my favorites. I hope you're all enjoying the end of November! <3


Painter by Day said...

You have such a way with words and with photography! I truly enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos.

David Lasky, Esq. said...

I just stumbled across the mushroom girl. It's cool!