Saturday, December 1, 2007


I am officially 22 years old. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was an entirely lovely one at that. My birthday started last weekend, when my mom made this cake: Image Hosted by
My friends were all amazing. After spending two straight hours scanning at AIB, Kate took me to cheesecake factory for lunch at the galleria (where I also picked up my first ever role of holga film!). She gave me a necklace with my initial in type-writer key form and two mix CDs. Teo gave me a wooden elephant bead. Nicole gave me a beautiful blue scarf and a cupcake with a cow on top. Emily gave me Fantastic Women: TIn House, a women's fiction periodical. Taryn gave me two comics, "Dances With Cows" and "I am Paul's Dog" from the series 'Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children.' We attended Sarah Potter's opening at 601, watched her performance piece. Cathy, Shane, Aaron, Taryn, Em, and I ate dinner at Border Cafe where we drew a picture which impressed the waitress very much. We dedicated it to her and she hung it on the wall. Image Hosted by
After that we headed to the Harvard Book Store, where much was purchased. When we arrived back home, Emily, Taryn, Adam, and I had our first ever Midnight Writers meeting. The rule is to either read something you wrote or something you wish you wrote. Emily read from Ben Marcus, Adam and I read our own stories, and Taryn read her in-progress mermaid artist statement, which is coming along beautifully. Image Hosted by
After this meeting came to a close, Nicole came over for late night escapades and left around 5. We were up quite late last night. It was one of the best birthdays ever! A new post shall immediately follow this one, including scans of work you have not seen yet! <3 Thank you Mom, Dad, Courtney, and all my friends for giving me a great 22nd birthday.

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Painter by Day said...

I loved reading about your birthday in the city! It sounds like you and your friends had such a great time. Thanks for sharing the fun on your blog!