Monday, December 24, 2007

treasure hunting.

I am just about done with a painting I began before school let out. Camera girl #2, this time acrylic on masonite rather than mixed on coffee-stained paper. Thus far, she is untitled. She's some sort of safari snap-shot huntress. Or maybe she just happens to be a day dreamer trapped in a thematically wall-papered room. Image Hosted by
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Tonight Mom and I saw Atonement. I don't think I've ever liked Keira Knightly more, and of course I always love James McAvoy. The movie was very visually stimulating. Let me warn you, though - you will cry. At least you can distract yourself by looking at the beautiful clothing. Image Hosted by
Something else wonderful: these pictures of my Nana that were found in an old box. I love everything about them. They kind of look like my paintings. My nana was the most beautiful woman ever, and coming across new pictures of her is always exciting. Image Hosted by
It's been nice being home. Our house looks like a winter wonderland thanks to my mom. She always makes Christmas a great time to be here. In addition to the big tree, there are many small trees that are covered in vintage clip-on earrings and fake birds. Loverly. <3 I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and stay safe! Image Hosted by
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