Wednesday, April 13, 2011

book reviews

Lazy rainy paint morning.
I have to head out soon for real-world obligations and I don't want to leave!
I forgot to mention that Karen Finneyfrock's book was reviewed by Amber Tamblyn in Bust magazine!!
I have always wanted my art in Bust magazine. Now, for the first time, it kind of is!!
I hope you're all having a lovely rainy (or not rainy) day.
xoxo, Amanda


Fritzi Marie said...

It SO is! That is beyond exciting.

Fritzi Marie

lindsey said...

somehow your rainy day sounds much more lovely than mine! love that your cover made it into the magazine. happy happy wednesday.

xo said...

Congrats lady! ALSO, aren't you a fan of Amber's too? How exciting :)

A Painted Journey said...

That is so great!! Wow, Karen got a glowing book review (I'm glad you left the jpeg big so I could click to enlarge and read it! haha)

That little painting table sure churns out a lot of awesome art! It's a perfect little studio nook, and oh-so-cozy for rainy day painting!

Love, Mummy

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Thanks, everybody!!
Yes, I also love Amber!! I looooved her book of poetry when I was 20 (and still do), and I did a painting of her once. :)

cArLa said...

congratulations!!! you made it!

Amanda said...

Very cool. Congrats!

Best Wishes,