Wednesday, August 3, 2011

city pigeons

I think that to live in the city you have to love both people and pigeons.
 I came across this very sweet pigeon at the Copley Fountain the other day. It was missing both of his feet (a lot of pigeons are missing toes and even whole feet) but was managing itself fine. I think the speckled white pigeons are so beautiful.
 I love how confrontational this pigeon looks...haha.
 This was my mom's favorite picture - she said they look like they're pedestrians on a cross walk.
I hope you're all enjoying August!
xo, Amanda


A Painted Journey said...

I love your city pigeons, honey. Poor babies who are missing parts of their feet. They all have such personalities :)... Love, Mummy

Bree said...

haha I agree with your mom on that picture! I love seeing people do august break! Keep it up! ;)
want to follow each other? Leave a comment on my blog so i'll know ;)

Ivy Black said...

I know people call them 'sky vermin' and whatnot, but I love pigeons! xxx

b and e said...

August is so far so good! Poor pigey! I thought living in the city means you don't have to like people - isn't that why everyone just pushes past everyone without a so much as a smile?
The pigeons can make for better company in the city if thats the case!
Hope your well,