Monday, April 30, 2012

Luzern (land of swans and rare birds)

Luzern is my favorite of all the towns I visited in Switzerland. It has incredible history that is so well preserved, and lots of nature. There are countless swans swimming in its main river.
The water is incredible shades of black, teal, and green.
This wooden bridge has numbered panels hanging from the ceiling that tell a story in German and with illustrated paintings that are hundreds of years old.
The currents of the water create beautiful landscapes on the surface.
 little blonde ducks
While in town, I noticed people walking along the bridge of an old castle wall on a hill in the distance and made my way up to it.
rock formations
On the castle walk-way.
The view was breathtaking. I got to spend a good 20 minutes up there by myself before anyone else arrived. 
koi pond
 A blue painting in the window of an artist's studio: "blue poem."
 On the bridge of stories, little cabinets house shrines like this one.
 water like gathered silk
 nesting swan
 two different bird species built adjoining nests and were getting quite upset with each other. They eventually calmed down and just settled on top of their eggs. It was very sweet.
A beautiful statue that looks out on the harbor. She has Cleopatra eyes.
 Incredible waters.
 SO many swans!
Pigeon friends.
This is where I spent my last full day in Switzerland, and I was very happy about that decision.
Happy Monday!
xo, Amanda

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