Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Slowly but surely, I want to do a series of posts about my trip to visit my friend Eleanor in Switzerland! Last year, I got so overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to share from Europe that I ended up sharing practically nothing. I am going to try to break things down into segments so I don't fall off the band wagon. Here we go!
For Eleanor's birthday, we decided to leave Switzerland; and so we took three trains and a ferry across Lake Constance to Germany to spend the night in Munich.
Around 10 pm, we finally arrived at our hotel, which had a balcony that looked out on some lovely construction. But still, we had a balcony in Munich!
By the time we got into city center, the only place still serving food was a bar called Margarita's. Everything was red with black and white photos all over the walls, and they projected clips of people dancing from mid-century movies set to modern music, mostly hip hop, from a DJ. It was so up our alley - such a happy accident!
The next day, we explored the city.
We had an amazing Venetian breakfast at a fantastic place called Cafe am Beethovenplatz. If you ever go to Munich, you have to eat here! The food is insanely delicious and they have jazz brunch on Sundays.
(they give you a bread basket with the most incredible homemade jam)
We were so lucky. We had no idea there was going to be any music when we arrived, and we happened to arrive slightly before this mother-daughter ensemble ("Ensemble Jasmin") performed. They played piano, cello, violin, and brass. It was so beautiful. We stayed for a couple of hours and drew and listened to them play.
Our waitress, who was so nice and comforting for two American girls traveling in another country, tried to get us to stay another night and let us see the beautiful hotel above the restaurant. This room was so insanely gorgeous. We didn't end up staying, but we want to go back someday!
We wandered a bit more and then hopped our many trains home, ending our 24 hour stint in Munich. We got back to Switzerland and went to a concert in Saint Gallen and then went home to Gais.
It was such a fun weekend.


Amanda said...

Looks like a splendid time. One almost feels like they're on vacation (and I could use one).

Best Wishes,

www.juliadenos.com said...

Oh I'm so happy you decided to post :)

Everything feels so airy in these pictures...how SWEET is the mother-daughter ensemble?

I got your postcard, thank you, can't wait to hear more!
Please say hi to Eleanor for me :) XOXO