Monday, August 13, 2007

Lovely things.

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Amber Tamblyn portrait. <3 this girl.-- Here's a little drawing of Ely's room I did in my sketchbook when I was nannying today: Image Hosted by
And Ellie making leaf-prints: Image Hosted by
This Thursay/Friday it's just me and Ely and I might take him to the Butterfly Place. I haven't been there in forever and I think he would appreciate it.-- I am seeing this amazing pianist/song writer at the Orphium on October 14th: Image Hosted by
Regina Spektor! I already picked out what I'm wearing and I know I'm bringing my sketchbook. The excitement!-- So I've added several blogs of other AIB students/recent alumni to my "fellow artists" sidebar. Nicole Burnor, Chris O'Neil, Elizabeth of Tofu Squirrel, and the lovely duo of Shelby Finger and Kristen Hatgi. Check them out! They are amazing. I'm off to fetch a chocolate shake. xoxoxo Amanda

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