Wednesday, August 22, 2007

red rose inn

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my picture board = all the people and things I love. or most of them, anyway. Image Hosted by
A new print that mom and I found at a consignment shop last week. I loved the white frame - it looks like a dinner tray - and since I'm obsessed with trees lately (and have always loved birch trees especially), I asked mom if we could get it. This picture does not do it any justice. It looks beautiful in our hallway. Image Hosted by
Unfinished painting and beloved vintage cello that Ely gave me. Pine treeeeeees!!! <3 I am currently reading The Red Rose Girls by Alice A. Carter as research for a small illustrated book I plan to do this fall on the lovely Kristen and Shelby (see artists sidebar). Pretty. I am going to do something tonight involving my intense new love of capes. capes, capes, capes. Love, Amanda Image Hosted by
PS - we went to the beach today and it already felt like how the beach does in the fall. Dead fish included.

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