Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's snowing boys.

As soon as I get back to school, I am renting Penelope. Image Hosted by
Mostly because I have a rediculously huge crush on Mr. James McAvoy. Image Hosted by
And also because the story intrigues me and I adore Christina Ricci. Image Hosted by
Tonight Mom and I saw Once. I found it incredibly romantic and realistic. Something everyone can relate to their own life and be reminded of a certain person. I've been listening to music and working on my painting (hint: capes) for the past several hours. lalalalaaa....

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amy said...

i love Penelope. i watched it twice in a row the first time i saw it. I also loved Once and told everyone I know to go see it. I also have a crush on James McAvoy. i don't know why i just get all gushy when i watch him in a movie.