Monday, September 10, 2007

Moonlight magic with little bandits.

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Tonight something magical happened. I was heading out to cvs, but decided spur of the moment to visit my friend at EDS a few blocks away. As I turned onto Chauncy Street, which always tugs at my heart strings on a normal night, I saw a large cat up ahead on the sidewalk. As I got nearer, I bent over and called to it. It looked at me, and in that instant I realized it was not a cat, but that it was a raccoon, and it had a friend who was scurrying up a sidewalk tree. I walked closer, and they both scurried up the tree trunk. Both young, but not of baby size. They were so curious. They were not afraid of me at all. They remained on the lowest branch, intently staring at me as I was just a few feet from them, listening to every word I said. I talked to them for about ten minutes, because how could I leave them? It was the most amazing thing. They stared at me with their shiny black eyes, and I reached up and open-closed my palm at them, and the bolder one reached down his paw at me. I did not touch him, but it was amazing none the less. Everytime a car or truck came, they would run farther up the tree, but they would always come back down to the branch to listen to me. Eventually several people and cars came, and they disappeared into the canapoy of the tree and I could no longer see them. I heard them playing with each other, making sweet noises. I am definitely adding a raccoon to my girls-holding-animals series. Seriously, tonight was such a gift.

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