Saturday, March 15, 2008

all in green went my love riding.

I've always had a thing for couples from throughout history who were artists, writers, musicians, etc. Women and men who found another being that fueled them creatively in addition to their love. Maybe it's that two individually passionate people can make excedingly spectacular passion together. Romaine Brooks had a number of partners like this. Of course for Anais Nin, Henry Miller was the one and only inspiration for her best works. Lately I've been thinking about Georgia O'Keefe the painter and Alfred Stieglitz the photographer. He fell in love with her hands, and extensively photographed her for decades in an attempt to capture every aspect of her. Unlike the other couples mentioned, Georgia and Alfred married and stayed that way until his death. Very romantic, no? Image Hosted by
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photographs of Georgia O'Keefe by Alfred Steiglitz.


Kate said...

very romantic...yes my darling. Does love like that really exist? Perhaps I am too much of a cynic to think so. I am lucky to have a romantic like you in my life to remind me to get out of my head and live with my heart...


Amanda Atkins said...

yes, of course it exists!!! I will always be around to annoyingly keep reminding you of such things. haha. I take it you are back from London! can't wait to hear about it!