Sunday, March 16, 2008


My mother has created a blog! She became a full-time painter when I was nine years old, and in recent years she's been a part of Penny Lane Publishing. She's just begun her blog and I'm really excited to see how she goes about it (everyone's blogs are so unique to them!). She really loves what she does and has been the main source of encouragement in my artistic endeavors. She's the first link in my artists sidebar, so check it out! Love you, Mom! Image Hosted by
artwork copyright donna atkins.


Donna said...

Oh, wow, honey - I am honored that you mentioned my new blog :) And I love that you said I encouraged you with your art. How could we not? It was apparent at a very young age where you would be headed :) You've always been so artistic and gifted.. We love you! MUAH! Mommy

Rima said...

Hello Amanda, just to say thank you for linking me :) Very nice to meet you and your lovely blog :) All the best from Scotland :) Rima.