Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Language of Foxtrot

Hello, everybody! I hope you're all having a nice Father's Day and an overall nice weekend.
Since I attended an official meeting yesterday, I finally feel able to announce my solo show, The Language of Foxtrot, which will be opening at Space 242 on August 28th! Solo shows by the lovely Ellen Crenshaw and the dashing Scott Murry will be up at the same time in the same space. More information to come soon!
On Friday, my Mom and I took a ride down to Old Saybrook, CT and went to various antique stores. The best place was Blueberry Hill Antiques, where I got these books for 25 cents each!
This reminded me of a southern swamp version of Whinnie the Pooh's One Hundred Acre Woods!
I just really love the title of this book - "My Story That I Like Best." It sounds so sweet and child-like, and I like when books are titled as though they are already someone's favorite.
This is one of those great children's books from the 1960s with really amazing illustrations.
Herd of ducks in red raincoats.
I looove this one.
This is a book of love poems, and in it was this card: "Dear Gypsy, Happy Birthday. Just to let you know I remembered. The Blue-D."
I ran out of room in my bookcase a long time ago. I know that when I move into an apartment, I'm going to have an entire wall of book cases. I never feel guilty about buying books, especially if they're 25 cents. When the old Common Wealth Books was still open, they had newspaper clippings, postcards, and pictures taped on every available surface, and I remember reading one with a quote on it (I can't remember the exact wording or who it was by) that said, in a nutshell, that every man should be able to give a reason for the books on his shelf, and they should be like friends that are there for him in lonely times. I feel that way about all of my books, and I love the array of reasons I can give for having them.
Now in the non-book category, I got these little presidential cameos...
and this handsome plastic dog with such dainty legs...
and this really great birthday card featuring a girl flying an airplane and lots of red and white stripes and a banner and a pink sky.
I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day!


WoolenSails said...

Lots of fun goodies on your trip. I love hunting the thrifts and consignments in my area, you never know what you will find.


mshalston said...

Hi Amanda,

I saw your entry for the Junko Revival show on the ArtSake blog and realized I hadn't visited your journal in a while. Very nicely done, by the way.

Funnily enough, I also purchased My Story I Like Best (while we were living in New York) for the exact same reason. What are the odds?

Hope you're doing well! :)