Friday, June 12, 2009

my live-action natural history museum

As you may or may not know (but probably know), my family really loves animals. We get really excited about things I think most people would be horrified by, i.e. skunks and raccoons coming to our deck at night scrounging for peanuts left behind by the chipmunks and squirrels.
This is the new raccoon who comes to our deck, who we have named Rocky. Don't worry, there was a glass slider between us! But he kept peering in the window!
We couldn't believe it the other night when Rocky and a skunk showed up to our deck at the same time!
No one got sprayed (skunks only spray when they fear for their life), and once the skunk left, Rocky stuck around and kept looking in the window at our cat, Spotty.
Spotty never shows any interest in the skunks, but is apparently fascinated by raccoons.
It was so exciting to have Rocky looking in our window, but, of course, it is very important to never touch him or open the slider. 
I went to the HSUS meeting at Boston Town Hall 
last night and it was excellent. If you want any information on how you can get involved in animal rights, just follow the link!
I hope you're all having an excellent week! I promise, I've been making lots of art...I just lack a decent scanner. I have some shows coming up this summer, which I will inform you of soon!!

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Thanks for this -- made me smile. :)