Monday, August 31, 2009

in the glowing dark blue and green, fireflies are starlings

My "There's Alchemy to Her Evergreens" print is featured in Etsy Finds: Retro Cabin Renovation. I'm psyched, because I love woodsy cabins on the lake, plaid, camp fires, marshmallows, pine trees, night skies, fireflies, and all else that comes with it. Maybe those things bring back happy memories of girl scouts (I also love scout uniforms - patches!).
I was really excited tonight when I discovered this! One of my wonderful students from the summer class I taught emailed me to let me know. The article I'm featured in happens to be in my favorite section of The Storque (Etsy's blog), "Get the Look: Home Decor Edition." I always love looking at the beautiful example homes and apartments, and all the prints and vintage objects that Christine finds to give your home the same feel. 
Though I did "Alchemy" about a year ago, the original is currently for sale in The Foxtrot Code.
Also, Stephanie, the owner of Jack's Jill (the lovely etsy shop where I bought the 1940s dress I wore to my show), told me that the dress came from an estate sale on a big farm in Pennsylvania. It's so neat to know where it came from, and to imagine that it belonged to a farmer's wife or daughter. Stephanie said that the woman who used to wear it probably never would have imagined that one day an artist would be wearing it to her opening, and I love that! I always think about that in regards to my books. Since I underline and write in them, I wonder who will have them in one hundred years and what they'll think of me. Anyway, I always love dreaming up the women who used to wear my vintage dresses, and the things they might have done while wearing them. It's interesting to know a little more about this one.
Happy Monday to you all!


A Pained Journey said...

ooooh - congratulations to you on having one of your pieces featured in ETSY's storque, honey! And how sweet of your student to make you aware of it!

I also think the woman you bought the dress from is one of ETSY's top sellers because of writing you to make sure the dress arrived on time. What a special person! And how cool to get some history on the dress!

Love, Mumsy

WoolenSails said...

Catching up on your blog. Looks like your show went well and love the new piece. I am now hand sewing since my machine went quirky and i have a challenge due tomorrow, ugh.


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Yay, congratulations on the Etsy Feature, I'd love to be chosen for something - one of these days :)

Julia Denos said...

This is awesome ETSY news Amanda! I am so sorry to have missed your opening, the pictures look awesome, and yes, what a DRESS! Isn't dremaing history into objects endless fun? I wish things could really tell us where they've been... :)