Thursday, August 20, 2009

pearl collars and paintings

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well.
I've been painting like crazy...the show is only a week and one night away...I'm very excited! 
Above is a vintage pearl collar I recently ordered from jewelry cache on etsy and received today. I love it! In the 40s and 50s, women used to wear them over their sweaters and cardigans. I think it will also look beautiful with dresses as a necklace. I've wanted one for such a long time, and this one was a very reasonable price of $10. I love the look of white collared shirts peaking out from underneath sweaters, so I really adore the classic collar style covered in vintage faux pearls. I can't wait for sweater weather in the fall so I can put it to proper use on a regular basis. :)
Spontaneous Movie Review:
A while back, I know I did a post about several of the movies that were coming out which I wanted to see. I have now seen both Julia & Julia and The Time Traveler's Wife. 
I loved Julie & Julia so much. I highly recommend it. It was just one of those movies that give me a warm feeling, and there were lots of neat clothes when it focused on Julia's life in Paris in the 50s (her life in general was really interesting to learn about, and I found out that when she and her husband moved to Cambridge they lived on my favorite street, Irving St., where e. e. cummings lived!!). 
The Time Traveler's Wife, however, was kind of disappointing. I mean, I'm sure that my expectations were too high because the movie is based on one of my favorite books ever, but I just felt like the movie did the book absolutely no justice. The movie was cheesy, the acting was kind of stage-y and fake, and you get none of the back-story of the characters (which, in the book, there is a great deal of). I still cried at the end, and I did feel it got better as it went along, but it was nothing like the book, and I hope that anyone who sees the movie and didn't read the book understands that the book is gorgeous and incredible and the movie was no reflection of that.
So that is all for now. I'm off to go paint again! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


WoolenSails said...

Love the collar, it looks perfect for you. You have the look that goes so great with those styles.


A Painted Journey said...

I just love your pearl collar! It captures you! And I am loving that lipstick, too! (Must know shade and who makes it :) Even though I never read The Time Traveler's Wife, I agree with your assessment of the movie... And like you, I absolutely loved Julie & Julia and am game to see it again any time at all!! ha ha...

Amanda Atkins said...

thank you so much, Debbie :)

and mom, I will see that movie again anytime! haha.

madeleine said...

that pearl collar is darling, and looks like it would add a bit of pizzazz to any outfit (you can never have too much pizzazz). i'm a bit doubtful about seeing the time travellers wife though...the book is quite special to me, i don't think i'd be too impressed if they've added too much sappiness.

also, good luck with your show.

(still no doona action! hurrah!)