Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oceanside town

Every summer, we go to Rockport, MA for a day trip. It's a beautiful town that sits next to the sea and it's home to a lot of artists.
cupcake apron!
I love this store - it's all products from Norway! When I was 6, I declared Norway my favorite country after visiting it at Epcott in Disney. Since then, I've added a few other countries to the list, but I still hope to visit Norway someday.
There are some scary fake heads peering out of that top window.
I used to want to move to Rockport. My mom always talks about how neat it would be to live on the top floor of a house and make the bottom floor a shop to sell your art. I think this house is my favorite on the Bearskin Neck stretch. I still think it would be amazing to live there! Maybe someday.
We ate lunch on the roof of a restaurant.
Me, mom, and Courtney.
I have wanted to kayak here for years! I vow that this fall I will take the train to Rockport (you can take the commuter rail from Boston!) and kayak. (Now that I'm moving to Boston, I'm trying to make a list of things I really want to do that I never did when I was there for school.)
Courtney's fancy burger.
My grilled cheese. :)
So many colorful kayaks. It's only $35 to rent one for the day!
I wish I could go!
It's hard to see, but there are lots of little brown birds lining this shed!
So beautiful.
I love the bright blue trim!
This dog belonged to the shop owner. He was asleep under a shelf with his tongue hanging out!
So that was our day today! The weather was oddly perfect. It's been really hot here lately, but today the sky was grey and the air was really cool, and yet it never rained. 
I think tomorrow I'll finally post some of the drawings I did at Dr. Sketchy's back in June! I hope you're all having a great middle of the week!!


A Painted Journey said...

You have such an artistic eye! Your photos are much better than the ones I took - what a fun day we had!!... Mumsy

Kate said...

I loved when you took me to was so perfectly New England and artsy and lovely.

Kirsty said...

Wow! This place has to be one of the most beautiful places I've seen! :) The candy and fudge pictures make me hungry and the lovely gate is very pretty :)

Ohh to visit America one day! :)

~Kirsty x

Amanda Atkins said...

Kate - we'll have to go in the fall, or winter, or whenever, now that we know we can take the train!!

Kirsty - If you ever come to America, let me know!! :)

Ancarol said...

So beauty there !! i like there as the country around with the sea !! and a lot beauty and nature log cabin : )really different with my country ...

Aya Smith said...

These are perfect pictures to sell any trip to a tourist! I mean that in the best of ways, because all of these photos are simply gorgeous!!!

Amanda Atkins said...

Thank you, Aya and Ancarol! It's a fun place to photograph for sure.