Saturday, January 2, 2010

a library of sketchbooks

Hello everyone, happy new years!!!! I hope you all had wonderful and safe new year's eves. 
Tonight I finished my sketchbook for Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project. 
(pg. 37 & 38)
I use the term "finished" loosely because there are some blank pages in the back of this sketchbook. I had so many other things going on that I didn't spend enough time on this. I did keep drawing in my own personal sketchbook, so I really have no excuse!
Anyway, this year, after the sketchbooks go on tour, they are living in a permanent library of sketchbooks, which I think is so neat! (maybe subconsciously I didn't try too hard because I knew I wouldn't want to give up a sketchbook I loved tremendously?)
I love how the inside covers of the sketchbooks have the little pockets for library cards!
So tomorrow I'm mailing it off.
I hope you all had excellent new years!


madeleine said...

Happy New Year, Amanda!! Hope this year is swell and dandy, full of laughter (and candy)

can you tell how long it took me to come up with that lame rhyme???


Amanda Atkins said...

haha, thank you, Madeleineee!! I'm going to read your blog and write to you when I get home from work tonight!

Lemondrop Marie said...

How lovely! I would so like to be the first to check it out :) Happy New Year!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

WoolenSails said...

I would have a hard time giving up a sketchbook, I like to go through my old designs and rethink them.


Anonymous said...

beautiful. i wish my notebooks/sketch pads looked so pretty or so full. you're a wonderful artist, amanda.

happy new year!

Amanda Atkins said...

Thank you, Marie and Katrina!
Debbie, you should do the sketchbook project! I just scan all the pages so I still have the drawings. :)

Kate said...

I procrastinated too...but they get done somehow! Yeah for sketchbooks!

Oley said...

i'd love to see your sketchbook, looks really interesting & cute.

inspiring too. I should rent it from the library!