Thursday, January 28, 2010

squirrels who love snow

(one of my hometown sammies)
In all my years of stark squirrel observation, I have never known them to love eating snow as much as the ones outside my Brighton kitchen window. Is it the lack of bird baths to drink from? I live in a neighborhood setting, so I wouldn't think they would be that hard to find (at home we have a heated one for the winter). But these squirrels, who nest in a tree outside my kitchen window, absolutely love to eat snow. The first time I noticed was during the large snow storm a few weeks ago, and they hopped from fence picket to fence picket eating the mound of snow that had formed on top of it. Now, it has just begun to snow fluffy, light flakes and they are waiting on pickets for mounds to develop, and eating them as soon as they surmount to anything. One of them is even face down on the trunk of the tree, reaching out with one of his paws to grab them. It is the cutest thing ever.
I adore squirrels. They make me so happy!
I hope you're enjoying the snow if it has come your way, and if not, happy almost-weekend!


WoolenSails said...

That is so cute. Nothing comes close to my house, I have big glass doors in the back and with 2 cats and a dog staring at them, they stay further back in the wooded areas.


rachel_jackson said...

i looove that picture.

jessie frances said...

hey its jessie frances...i'm writing from my personal blog instead of vinny and vernelle so you can look through and see the baby squirrel my girlfriend and i saved if you want!

amy said...

I am jealous of your cute squirrels. The squirrels here, who are all named buddy by the way, just like to be annoying and dig up all my plants and throw the dirt all over the porch. i caught one sitting on the railing this summer and gave him a little heart to heart about digging up the plants and he laid down and seemed to be listening and then apparently got bored because all of a sudden he got up jumped down in to a pot and dug a bit to show me he knew what I was talking about and he didn't care and ran away. At that point i cussed at him.

Angela said...

This picture made my day! I am obsessed with squirrels, they are by far one of my favorite creatures. I have tons of weird squirrel stuff around my apartment - calendar, framed illustrations or photos of plastic squirrels, necklaces, magnets, nutcracker, even a wooden thing shaped like a squirrel that pushes your oven rack in and out so you don't burn your hands. LOL! I am so happy to find other people who love them as much as I do. I've never seen them eat snow though! The ones outside my kitchen window just scamper through the yard and dig up food and lazily eat it then look for more. :)

Also, Amy's story made me laugh. It reminds me of my cats. I will give them a heart to heart to tell them to stop scratching the couch or rug, etc. and they will look and pay attention and no sooner am I done, they get in a couple scratches out of spite and walk away. Turds.

Kirsty said...

This is sooooo cute! :)

Thank you for your kind message Amanda :)


~ Kirsty x