Monday, January 4, 2010

snow paintings

Some pictures from yesterday:
These were some car tracks - the different shades of dirt streaked through the compressed snow made it look like a painting. I loooove the texture of the snow on the sidewalks. It looks like something that I haven't put my finger on yet. It also looks like gessoed masonite when I add layers to places that haven't dried yet. If you got snow, I hope you enjoyed it! Happy Monday, everyone. :) xoxo


WoolenSails said...

I see broken bones in snowy sidewalks, lol.
I love to go in the back fields and cc ski and look for animal prints in the snow. It is fun to see what critters have ventured out in the cold.


Sher said...

That is so cool! I think snow is the most magical thing in the world:)

Kirsty said...

The first picture does look like a painting! Thats so clever! :) The other pictures remind me of clouds, do not ask me why (haha)

Hope you had a nice time with all the snow. :)
England is predicted to get quite a lot in the next few days but I doubt it will happen to be honest.


~ Kirsty x

Oley said...

have yet to see snow. but i do like the painting one..

& the sidewalks look like my ceiling.

Amanda Atkins said...

Ooh, it does look like a ceiling! My mom also said stecco walls.