Monday, May 3, 2010

birthdays and recipes

Saturday was my roommate Geoff's birthday! We had a barbecue and it was lovely.
and I made a cake!
being serious about mary blair
Almost everyone who came brought food - really, really good food. One of Geoff's co-workers also brought tons of glass bottles of root beer and cream soda, so I was in soda heaven.
I made this salad for the first time on Saturday, and it came out pretty good! It's a neat alternative to a regular fruit salad.
Orange and Onion Salad:
Step 1: Chop one large red onion.
Step 2: Marinate chopped onion in your choice of dressings (I combined a basil balsamic vinaigrette with a caesar dressing) for two hours.
Step 3: Chop at least 6 large naval (seedless) oranges. 
I decided to add raspberries, too, because I had them in the fridge. :)
Step 4: Mix everything in a bowl
Step 5: Add walnuts and feta cheese! 
I hope you all had very beautiful weekends!


cArLa said...

i love how you really ham it up for photos and that salad looks delish... a little bit for each part of the palate!!! xo, carla

Amanda Atkins said...

haha, thanks! I usually smile for photos, but those are the only photos of me from the party! haha.

rachel_jackson said...

root beeeer!!!

Anonymous said...

that salad looks so wholesome and delicious.