Monday, May 31, 2010

Mr. Matte Stephens

There is an artist on Etsy named Matte Stephens. I love his work so much, and when I asked him if I could write a post about him, he said yes. So, here I go!
I love the way the people in Matte's paintings seem to regard animals almost as fellow humans. In all his work, it is so evident that all creatures acknowledge each other with friendliness and love.
This painting is my favorite (naturally, since I love pigeons so much), and I hope to buy a print of it someday.
("feeding birds")
I love this painting because going out for breakfast is one of my favorite things that my family does together, and this looks just like the kind of breakfast my Dad always gets.
("lumberjack breakfast")
Matte's color palette and style remind me of the vintage illustrations I love so much - Mary Blair, Little Golden Books, original Clue Game artwork, etc.
("Count Abernathy was an avid bird watcher")
("scuba man")
I also love the titles.
("Lord Admiral Hiratio Byrd following his true dream became a florist after the great war")
...and the way his paintings of New York City make me feel like I'm in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
("visiting the sea lions in central park")
("mr. owl")
You can see more of Matte's work on his website or in his etsy shop. His art makes me feel so inspired and ready to paint.
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!
(all work in this post copyright Matte Stephens)


Angela said...

I love these, thanks for sharing! They remind me of old illustrations from the 50's. It also makes me think of the old tweety bird or pepe le pew cartoons. I think because of the colors and the way he draws the architecture.

rachel_jackson said...

and his name is spelled like my favorite kind of finish.

rachel_jackson said...

these are so great. they make me want to watch UPA cartoons. and eat breakfast.