Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the scientist's apartment

This drawing is in my junior-year-of-college sketchbook. I love how each of my sketchbooks takes me back to a time and place and feeling.
I remembered this apartment tonight out of the blue. 
During any student's time at AIB, a number of academic classes must be taken at Lesley University. A lot of these classes are held in a building in Porter Square, Cambridge. This building has a cafe, where I would bide my time before Meteorology or Art and War. Across the alley, through a window perpendicular to the one I was staring out of, was a scientist's apartment. It was above a bank, and full of botanicals, hand-controlled machinery, magnifying glasses, taxidermy, and the like. I never saw anyone in it. I think I decided it was more of a work space or lab, like a scientist's studio.
I just know I loved looking in that window.

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