Saturday, May 22, 2010

take me to the woods

backyard study (brighton backyard)
ballpoint pen and crayola watercolors
I love when I have the time to make use of our beautiful backyard.
I appreciate nature even more than usual when I'm in the city; It's so much easier to notice every small thing. 
It feels like starting with something really big and going deeper and deeper through its layers until you've reached the very base.
I am missing the woods, though, and swimming and exploring.
I hope that you're all having a beautiful weekend! The weather has been gorgeous.


Ancarol said...

happy weekend Amanda and congtratulation your shop and paints are looking forward day by day LUCY you : )

Anonymous said...


Amanda Atkins said...

aww, thank you, Ancarol! I hope all is well with you!!

and thank you, too, naome :)