Sunday, December 5, 2010

7 impossible things before breakfast

I'm so excited and honored to be today's featured up-and-coming illustrator on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: a blog about books. Thank you, Jules!
"Silver in E minor"
acrylic on masonite, 8x10"
Here's the holiday painting I finished this week. I just couldn't stop staring at my silver tinself garland. I think I'll make some notecards of her for Mass Market next Sunday!
Lots of love,


A Painted Journey said...

Okay, that is absolutely the neatest blog and write-up ever, honey! Congratulations! I'll definitely be sharing it on my blog as well! And let me know what you will be selling your cards for - I definitely want to send those out as our cards this year - she is fabulous!!! ... Love, Mummy

Fritzi Marie said...

I love her little star clippies. OH, and I read the feature. It looks amazing. I am so excited about your new book. I'm even more excited about the one you wrote that you plan to finish this coming year.

Happy Sunday Dearest Amanda.

love love,

lindsey said...

congrats! i adore the name of their blog. and i am in love with your newest painting. i have pink ornaments just like those - given to me by my grandmother.


Kate said...

Congrats Lady! It is well deserved!