Saturday, December 18, 2010

the teaching of art and literature in a light blue dress.

Every night, I have vivid dreams. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. Rarely are they about my career, which is why these two dreams stand out to me. What makes them so special is the sense of absolute completion I have in them, all related to the "job" I hold.
The interesting thing is how unique the
jobs in these dreams are, yet how similar they are to what I do and hope to do in real life. The details are always incredibly specific and crucial to the happiness I derive from the job.
The first dream was had several months ago. 
In it, I was a teacher of literature, but in a very abstract way. I was teaching adults how to let literature feed them creatively in order to pursue their own artistic endeavors. I was wearing a light blue dress and the class was taught outside in a field. I remember waking up and groggily thinking, 'I need a light blue dress so I can teach literature.' (light blue has always been the color of my literary-side in my very synesthesia-oriented brain). 
The second dream occurred last night. In it, I was a writer of essays, and all of my essays revolved around color. In the dream, I lived in a large house on the beach with several friends. I was barefoot and drinking tea, and had a beautiful wooden desk surrounded by mosquito netting. I was writing about a pale green-blue. The contents of these "essays" were highly personal, but they were written as though my opinion on the colors were scientific facts. In the dream, I was blissfully wrapped up in the fact that this was my job.
I love the contentment I felt in both of these dreams. I love what I do in my waking life, and I know I'm on the right path (and it is always evolving), and I feel like I am ever-slowly reaching that contented feeling. So, what I take from these dreams (and mostly these are things I have always known, anyway) is that I want to teach and I want to write, I love encouraging others to find themselves through literature (as it has so well served me in such a way), and blue truly is my favorite color on so many levels.
What do you all want to be when you grow up?


Julia Denos said...

I just loved that! What blissful little dreams, I love the way color plays in your dreams like characters...and leaves you clues about how you are on the right track :) yay Amanda!

Fritzi Marie said...

Dearest Amanda,

I have always wanted to be an Archaeologist. My Daddy was an engineer who's passion was Archaeology. I did my undergrad in Anthropology and Art History. The last thing that I said to my Daddy was that I would finish his book. That was nine years ago. After he passed away I couldn't think about anything Archaeology related. But, I heard about the new Amelia Earhart discovery and I am finally feeling okay with Archaeology again. To be honest I can't stop thinking about it and it makes me feel so close to my dear Daddy. I also want to go back to school to work on an art degree. It's something that I've always wanted to do. Thankfully, one of the perks to having a husband who teaches at a University is half off on tuition. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

love love,

p.s. I think you would be the prettiest literature professor out there. For real!

A Painted Journey said...

I want to be like you when I grow up :) Love, Mummy